Most Britons support ban on fox, hunt and other annoying Tory MPs, survey finds

Pride's Purge

(satire – I think)

Poll shows 76% are against moves to make Jeremy Hunt legal, rising to 81% for Michael Gove

Public opinion remains firmly against the return of annoying Tory MPs such as ex-Defence Secretary Liam Fox and still remain firmly opposed to other irritating Tories such as Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove, according to a survey on Boxing Day.

However, polling by Ipsos Mori shows signs of opinion shifting to allow hunting of the most irritating Tories in order to ensure proper control of persistent pests such as Theresa May or Iain Duncan-Smith.

The survey found that 76% think that Jeremy Hunt is cruel, rising to 81% for ex-defence minister Liam Fox and 83% for Michael Gove, based on a survey of 1,943 people.

Hunt supporters have responded to the survey by insisting cruel ministers such as the Health Secretary are essential to control populations of pests…

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