In Syria’s Aleppo Russia is Saving the US’ Face


Mideast Russia's photo.


It is only too clear that the US is losing face in Aleppo: the victory of the government forces in what has turned out to be the most important battle in this war will definitely put President Assad in the circle of statesmen tasked with defining Syria’s future. However, it seems that Russia is not too eager to corner Washington.


One of the most important and heaviest battles of the Syrian war is practically over. The western Aleppo is going to be cleaned up, but first its local residents should be evacuated into a safe place, says Russian online newspaper Vzglyad.


This comes as a serious blow to the image of the US, the outlet says, however Russia seems to be not too eager to “finish off” its ‘American partners”.


The clean-up of the eastern Aleppo will put an end to the US policy in the…

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