The Full Retard Glenn Beck Meltdown | AKIRA | VIDEO | PODCAST | ANALYSIS

The Fourth Revolutionary War


Looks like our whole operation to take over the entire world has been discovered comrades!

Fast foward to 11:30 for the start of the Dugin rant.

At 27.40 Glen beck’s “counterintelligence” analyst (who would appear to be functionally illiterate) reads the FUCKING MONEY QUOTE from my essay Apocalypse as Praxis to the entire Glenn Beck audience, claiming it was a speech from Dugin.

So as Glenn is graciously broadcasting the final phases of his terminal psychosis, and a bizarre melange of archaic content is surfacing in the form of Alexander Dugin Conspiracy Theory. Anyone interested in deep Conspirology, the American Psychosis, Psychiatric Warfare, or the geopolitical weaponization of Conspiracy Theory does not want to miss this.

And for anyone who enjoys the simple pleasures of watching an enemy who is really and truly a retarded asshole completely implode, Glenn’s final spiral is a long awaited spectacle. Stock up on Cheetos…

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