Syrian Kurd says Islamists have infiltrated Free Syrian Army

The Fourth Revolutionary War

The Western-, Qatari- and Turkish- backed Free Syrian Army has been infiltrated by Islamists, and factions near Aleppo “are no different than Islamic State,” said a Syrian Kurd researcher who toured Kurdish areas in northern Syria.

Dr. Kamal Sido, who works at the Middle East desk for the German human rights NGO Society for Threatened Peoples, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that Kurdish forces are winning the battle against Sunni Islamist groups, though the humanitarian situation remains dire.

“Humanitarian aid is needed to be brought in from neighboring Turkey and Iraq, but both countries closed the borders,” he said, accusing Ankara of being behind the Iraq closure. “Turkey is seeking to put pressure on the Kurds in northern Syria.”
Sido, who maintains a large number of contacts in northern Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan, published a report on his research trip in June, basing it on numerous interviews during…

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