Exclusion Zone: A De Facto No-Fly Zone to Expand America’s War on Syria

The US has no right to dictate anything, despite it’s over inflated sense of importance. That applies to a No-Fly zone or whatever they may wish to call it.

The Fourth Revolutionary War


TEHRAN (FNA)- The Pentagon has warned Syria not to fly planes in the Hasaka province or risk getting them shot down by US planes.

The Pentagon has even called for establishing an “Exclusion Zone” in the area, desperately trying to convince the international community that there is some sort of distinction between this zone you can’t fly in and a “no-fly zone.”

This came after fighting erupted between Syrian Army and Kurdish PKK forces in the city of Shadadi in Hasaka province late last week, with the PKK’s Asayesh forces attempting to take the rest of the city, which had long been jointly held and jointly defended. As the fighting escalated, Syrian warplanes bombed Kurdish forces embedded with US troops.

The Pentagon has since expanded this to declaring the area an “Exclusion Zone”  which is not really distinct from a no-fly zone because it is the same thing. In…

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