Turkey’s choice between death and malaria


by Deniz Torcu, Katoikos, July 2016

The coup failed, but democracy did not win.

The attempted coup on the night of Friday, 15 July, was a surprise for both Turkey and the international community at large. Despite the history replete with coups over the course of the twentieth century, no one foresaw a further – albeit weak – attempt to take power this century.

A faction within the Turkish army, allegedly linked to Fettulah Gülen – an Islamic cleric residing in Pennsylvania for decades in a self-imposed exile – attempted to take control of the Turkish state in a rather clumsy manner, hardly even closing bridges or sending tanks to the major airports, while the main target, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was able to quietly call a halt to his holiday on the southern coast of Turkey, to connect with the media on his mobile phone.

As soon as he…

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