The case for the breakup of the Ukraine

If Russia is willing to take on the added responsibility of the Donbass (which I personally do not think they will) and the nazi federation that is the Ukraine is willing to let the resource rich Donbass fall into their hated enemy hands, then sadly a break up of the country would be the best of only bad options.

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Unz ReviewThis article was written for the Unz Review:

Just as the corporate media is not reporting that the USA and Russia are on a collision course which can end up in nuclear war, the corporate media is not reporting that the Ukraine is falling apart. That does not mean, however, that this is not happening. It is. In fact, it has been for a long while already, but since that collapse is smoothed out by a lack of military action and by the political support of the Empire, it does not appear to be catastrophic (in the sense of causing a sudden dramatic change). But the signs are all over the place, ranging from the outright bizarre attack by Ukronazi saboteurs on Crimea (which, besides the group which was caught also involved at least two other groups conducting a diversionary reconnaissance by fire against the…

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