What Women Want

Response to Walker: I can lay bricks and slabs and wear 4 inch stilettos (that’s walking on your big toes) I can felt a roof and satin stitch (that’s a fine form of sewing) I can saw timber and put furniture together and I can balance accounts and negotiate with people. I am a female, have been since I was born, will be till I pop my clogs. What I am not is a hypocrite, if a man holds a door open for me saying “ladies first” whether I’m in a pretty frock or wearing my camo cargo’s, I will thank him and walk through it. Whether as a site manager, or a care assistant for the elderly, as a security guard or a cleaning “lady”, I earned respect based on my merits, not my perception of what favourable treatment I should receive because of my gender. Women who want the same jobs as men need also to be able to meet the necessary criteria and demonstrate how they are better than a man who might be offered the post. If they cannot do so, then expecting to be given that position based on gender is not equality it’s preferential treatment and sexist discrimination. Women like Walker, want their cake and to still be able to eat it. Well sweetheart, life isn’t always fair – get over yourself and give the rest of us a break because you are an embarrassment to the rest of us who don’t support your sanctimonious mewling.


by W. Stephen Gilbert


A recent front that has opened up against Jeremy Corbyn is sex. Having exhausted their disdain of his global responsibility for anti-semitism, jihadism and homophobia, the malcontents are now roundly accusing him of misogyny, sexual discrimination and old-fashioned male chauvinism. Here is Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party (which in fact is a political party standing against the others, including Labour) on last week’s Any Questions? [BBC Radio 4]: “it’s a great shame that Jeremy’s done so little, frankly, for the many women voters in the Labour Party.

There is a male leader, there is a male deputy leader, there is a male Bristol mayor, there is a male London mayor, there is a male mayoral candidate for Greater Manchester, a male mayoral candidate for West Midlands, a male mayoral candidate for Liverpool, a male chair of the NEC and male chairs of all…

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