NovoRossiya – “For Evil To Triumph It Only Takes Good Men To Do Nothing !”


Edmund Burke Irish Political Philosopher – 1729 to 1797

Winning the fight against the Kiev Junta could change the entire World!

Geof Pyatt Killer

See the true face of Kiev evil with this child & mother -RIP

NovoRossiya can virtually halt US hegemony & US sponsored regime change and may hasten the end of the dollar.  Putin’s hands are tied & cannot intervene on threat of World War 3 from US & NATO.  Humanitarianism is hollow drum beaten to death by the US & majorly UK & France since many years with the tacit support & compliance of Germany.

Think if the US created GAZA (IDF kidnapped & executed the 3 teenagers not Hamas – See & shot down via Kiev proxies MH17 as diversions to take public attention away from a campaign in tatters and now the EU passes bills in secret to send military aid to Poroshenko!  How important…

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