Dugin’s Guideline – Black September 1999

After the murderous efforts of the US in support of the breaking up of Russia first by the Chechens and then by Saakashvili against Ossetia one has to wonder why Putin is able to put this all behind him and deal with the US War of Terror.

The Fourth Revolutionary War


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In the modern history of Russia September is painted in ominous tones. It was September 1999. On September 16 in Volgodonsk thundered past in a series of explosions in Russian cities. The first explosion was carried out in Buynaksk on 4 September. Then came the explosion of an apartment house on Guryanov street in Moscow on 8 September. On 13 September, the explosion occurred again in Moscow on Kashirskoye highway house 6 case 3. Only 307 killed civilians. More than 1,700 people were injured varying degrees of severity.Responsibility for the attacks was assumed by the leaders of the Wahhabi gangs in Chechnya – especially the Saudis Amir Ibn Khattab and Abu Umar, as well as the leader of the Chechen Wahhabis, Shamil Basayev. A month before the troops of Basayev of Chechnya, uncontrollable at that time Moscow, invaded Dagestan. To undermine…

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