Special Ops forces help Turkish troops in Syria; allied rebels turn against U.S. troops

The Fourth Revolutionary War


ÇOBANBEY, Syria, Sept. 16 (UPI) — American special operations troops have arrived in Syria to help Turkish forces fight the Islamic State, but it appears that some of the U.S.-backed rebel fighters there aren’t too happy about that support.

Several videos appeared on social media channels by Friday, showing allied members of the Free Syrian Army — fighters the Pentagon has propped up with financing and logistical support — expressing a multitude of contempt for American troops who came to help.

American commandos, in fact, were reportedly forced to flee in some areas when they encountered severe abuse and insults from FSA members.

“We won’t accept any American here — we’re Muslims, not infidels,” one rebel was quoted on Twitter.

American troops are assisting allied forces in various “advise and support capacities,” a Pentagon spokesman said, but sources noted that about 40 U.S. special forces soldiers arrived Thursday to…

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