Working with children | Colonel Cassad

The Fourth Revolutionary War

The Caliphate again boasted that attracts children to participate in mass executions. This time in the massacres in the province of Nineveh in Iraq, the militants of the Caliphate once again used children as performers executions of “Western terrorists”. zinc

PS. As previously, the treatment of children remains an important element in the propaganda of the Caliphate, which focuses on the long term, making a major bet on young people under the age of 25. So almost any region, where the power of “black” is established, they will conduct systematic work with children, which may take the form of participation in mass executions and massacres, and there may be a mixture of children’s party with political information, where from an early age are taught that Jihad is good, to kill the infidels and the crusaders it is good to serve Caliphate is fine. Thus…

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