Debating escalation of the war in Syria | VIDEO

Believe this Loubna Mrie and you’ll believe any extremist anti Assad liar.

The Fourth Revolutionary War

This is the video of a debate that took place in New York on 1 November titled “Syria and the Left.”

Co-hosted by the online publication Muftah and Verso Books, it featured journalist and author Max Blumenthal, anti-war activist Zein El-Amine, The Intercept’sMurtaza Hussain and Syrian activist Loubna Mrie.

The debate was presented as an opportunity for deliberation about what role a broadly defined left can have with regard to Syria, in an atmosphere where such discussions have been all too rare.

Mrie charged that many on the left “deny the Syrian voices and deny the agency of the Syrian people.” She added that she wants people on the left to “at least start with showing solidarity with the Syrian people by insisting on the accountability for all war crimes committed by all sides” and to start by acknowledging “that the party that is doing the most…

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