Secret DWP documents prove they silenced the media from running stories they didn’t approve of – Evolve Politics

You cannot blame this disgrace purely on the DWP, the Government, the dirt bags who have the cheek to call themselves journalists with nice pay cheque and editors, media owners – all can take a slice of the blame. They should all be ashamed but they aren’t and won’t be, which is precisely why I can call them sleaze bags, worthless and gutless scum and a whole host of other insults and by their own actions, they cannot repudiate my verbal assault, because it’s the truth. People are dead because of their spineless inaction, what’s a few insults compared to people dying and the grief their deaths caused?
And the media wonders why sales and opinions have taken a nose dive?

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Following a 13 month battle, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have finally been forced to release secret documents illustrating the tactics they use to control and manipulate the media.

The documents reveal that the DWP monitors and analyses both mainstream and social media to reduce and manage negative coverage.

And even more worryingly, the documents show the DWP have managed to kill hundreds of stories by making sure that they are not reported on.

Almost every month since March 2014 the DWP communications team has produced “Media Evaluation Reports” detailing the ways and methods that the DWP controls negative stories about them in the media.

The DWP refused to release the reports since the Disability News Service (DNS) originally requested them in September 2015 stating they were “commercially sensitive”. 

Finally after a struggle that took over a year, and a complaint by the DNS to the Information…

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