Palmyra is on the verge | Colonel Cassad

It’s not like Russia to take it’s eye off the ball, but it appears that some intelligence has definitely worked in favour of the terrorists. Hopefully, SAA reinforcements will make it back to Palmyra while Hezbollah keeps going in Aleppo. This development of trying to split Syrian forces smells of a rat and possibly in the planning while “ceasefires” were being negotiated. The US certainly wanted some time out to gather their terrorist forces, but this was a clever move if they and the Special forces (including those of the UK) were party to it……………

The Fourth Revolutionary War


CzZYVJ6XcAQTYRH.jpgSituation at Palmyra despite the success of night counterattacks, continued to deteriorate. By mid-afternoon, the Caliphate held a regrouping of forces again occupied al-Amiria, and then developed the attack on Northern Palmyra and once again achieved success. 15 hours busy part of the city’s outskirts, reported the occupation of the castle. In fact, the defense of the SAA in Palmyra is on the verge of collapse, the departure of the Syrian troops in the direction of Tiasa. Syrian sources also confirm the unfavourable developments in the area of Palmyra.

According to Russian military sources, the group advancing on Palmyra has up to 4 thousand people with armored vehicles, raising questions for exploration, which missed the concentration of enemy forces. At the moment, the battles near Palmyra continues, FSI Russian and Syrian air force air strikes on the advancing militants, but judging by the…

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