Deploying international monitors in Aleppo to take weeks — Russian UN envoy

France and their EU co conspirators are the reason why Syrians had to suffer years of terrorism. By what right or any amount of reasoning do they presume to dictate now, what they will organize for Syria? Do they really imagine the Syrian people will tolerate their presence let alone welcome it? What did they do for the Syrian people throughout the war except misrepresent the situation without giving aid to them, rather providing further opportunities for the entrenched terrorists to take full advantage of air drops intended (supposedly) for civilian hostages.



December 16, 23:29UTC+3
“It is unrealistic to think that it can be done in a span of two or three days,” the Russian diplomat said

UNITED NATIONS, December 16. /TASS/. It will take weeks to send an international mission to Aleppo to monitor the process of evacuation of people from the city’s eastern quarters, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said on Friday, commenting on France’s initiative to deploy an United Nations monitoring mission in Aleppo.

“Deployment of monitors will take weeks,” he said after a closed-door meeting of the United Nations Security Council. “These are to be well-prepared people who know what they do and how to do that. It is unrealistic to think that it can be done in a span of two or three days.”

He said that France’s initiatives need to be scrutinized to see their “practical use.” Moreover, in…

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