My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride”

This is a sad and very distressing chronology of events and historic narrative on a subject that is in itself extremely upsetting. The facts must be made public to as many people as those of us who care can reach. Anyone who has a blog should take this opportunity to make Cathy Fox blog known. If we do not do all we can to expose this kind of thing then the perpetrators will remain unpunished. Let us at least give them a “rough ride” and let them hang on to their hats in fear of the circumstances of their actions.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This all written and drawn by Fiona Barnett, who lives in Australia, fears for her life and wishes her story spread widely. She names some prominent people. First she gives her explanation as to why she has posted the information and this is followed by her story “Hang on for the Ride” in words and pictures. Her facebook is on this link [1] . Trigger Warning.  The drawings and some more are also available on her blog Pedophiles Down Under Abuse Drawings [4]. Also check an interview on the Opperman Report [7] and blogspot [8]

My statement concerning my 13 ‘Hang on for the Ride’ posts:

My reasons for posting this information is as follows:

1. With the exception of the 2 detectives who took my statements in Sydney on 2-3 November 2015 – the NSW Police force have refused to protect me from my neighbour who moved next…

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