The battle of the Bus | Colonel Cassad

Any further attempts by the US in dictating terms by which their terrorists should be treated must in all good conscience be ignored. They have no regard for humanitarian efforts and should receive no consideration as to their fate, If that means annihilation, so be it. So many on the alternate media warned of the US intent to re-use the terrorists elsewhere against Syria and Mosul and they were ignored. Now perhaps they will be heeded – the west has no concept of scruples or integrity, their moral compass has been broken for a long time and they have nothing but contempt for the lives they destroy despite their false protestations, which are merely showcasing and grandstanding.

The Fourth Revolutionary War

Officer of the red army
The terrorist militants exported from Aleppo to Idlib burned the green buses intended to evacuate the wounded and civilians from Shiites from the enclave in Idlib “in protest”.
Apparently trying to get rid of the shame of retreat by the destruction of buses intended to evacuate civilians. Presumably, the UN Secretary General and other “Humanitarians” will scream about the “abomination of what is happening”.
Hatred of the green buses by militants among other things, stems from the fact that in 2016, the year they became a symbol of their withdrawal from a number of settlements.

PS. And just a photo. This morning, East of HOMS, the snow fell.

Regarding the situation in the front, today the news are optimistic. The militants have been pushed out of South-West Tiyas.

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