White helmet – mask of terror | Colonel Cassad

The “White Helmets” who are always so immaculate with immaculate Ambulances, Fire Trucks and ‘dozers, all stolen from the real Syrian First Responders only ever operated in terrorist held territories and when they had to leave they were terrified that they would be unmasked and their real agenda laid bare for all to see. They even asked for US help in supposed threats to their lives. From whom? Certainly not their terrorist friends and not from safe escort to Idlib, so it was yet another publicity stunt intended to reinforce their fake status. Had they operated in non rebel held territories not under the protection of the US sponsored AMC they would have been exposed as frauds, because THAT is what they are.

The Fourth Revolutionary War




1475696985_ctipsbfxgaamy2w.jpgA small documentary from Anna-News is dedicated to the ins and outs of the real “humanitarian” organization “White helmets”.


White helmets claim that they are a non-governmental organization that does not maintain ties with any of the armed groups in Syria. All their work is aimed at saving as many lives of ordinary people. In liberated Aleppo to the crew ANNA-News was able to find unique materials that shed light on an activity of so-called rescuers in Syria. Details in the film.

PS. Plus more from the backlog:

1. Life in liberated Aleppo. December 2016 – https://janoberg.exposure.co/humans-in-liberated-aleppo

2. Kurdish and Iraqi forces in the battle for Mosul. December 2016 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4j9nnKQRZk

3. The revolution in Kurdistan: Experiences of direct democracy in conditions of war and crisis https://avtonom.org/news/revolyuciya-v-kurdistane-experience-pryamoy-demokratii-v-usloviyah-voyny-i-krizisa

4. The penalty for a hospital in Aleppo – http://news-front.info/2017/01/05/vozmezdie-za-gospital-v-aleppo-roman-skomoroxov/

5. The…

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