Comments response to “EU imports 15 times more from illegal Israeli settlements than from Palestinians” by Defend Democracy Press

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Has there been any Offshore exploitation of Oil and Gas Fields in Gaza Territorial Waters; or is Israel Stealing it?

Good question, since that was the plan.

“International human rights observers report regular attacks on fishing vessels in Gazan territorial waters. Accompanying Palestinian fishers, they report having “witnessed countless acts of Israeli military aggression against them whilst in Gazan territorial waters, despite a six-month cease-fire agreement holding at the time,” and now again after the January cease-fire. “Gaza’s 40,000 fishermen have been deprived of their livelihood” by Irael naval attacks, Gideon Levy reported from the bedside of a nineteen-year-old Gaza fisherma, severely wounded by Israeli gunboats who attacked his boat without warning near the Gaza shore on October 5, a month before the cease-fire was broken by Israel’s invasion of Gaza, events to which we return. “Every few days the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) publishes reports from its volunteers in Gaza about attacks on fishermen. Sometimes the naval boats ram the wretched craft, sometimes the sailor use high-pressure water hoses on the fishermen, hurtling them into the sea, and sometimes they open lethal fire on them,” Levy reported.

“The international observers report that attacks on fishing boats began after the discovery of quite promising natural gas fields by the BG Group in 2000, in Gaza’s territorial waters. The regular attacks gradually drove fishing boats toward shore, not by official order but by threat and violence. Oil industry journals and the Israeli business press report that Israel’s state-owned Israel Electric Corp. is negotiating “for as much as 1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the Maritime field located off the Mediterranean coast of the Palestinian controlled Gaza Strip.” It is hard to suppress the thought that the Gaza [2008-2009] invasion may be related to the project of stealing these valuable resources from Palestine, which cannot take part in the negotiations.” – pgs 108 & 109 of “Gaza In Crisis – Reflections On Israel’s War Against The Palestinians,” by Noam Chomsy and Ilan Pappé.

See Noam Chomsky’s article titled “Exterminate All The Brutes” (


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