Russian “Aggressor” Welcomes Ukrainian Military Inspectors



Urkainian border guards stand near an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APCs) parked near a newly constructed part of the border near the Goptivka border crossing on the Urkainian-Russian border, north of Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, on October 15, 2014


    Russia has allowed Ukraine to inspect the extent of its military activities in the southern Rostov region. The inspection will be held under the Vienna document of 2011 on confidence-building measures and security, the head of the Russian National Center for reducing nuclear danger Sergei Ryzhkov said.

   He added that the inspection of Russian military units in Rostov region, to be held from January 16 through 19, was meant to determine the size or confirm the absence of any military activities there.

   None of the previous such inspections have shown any evidence of any “Russian aggression” against Ukraine. “The inspectors can record the presence or absence of personnel, staffing and movement of troops, stockpiles of weapons and ammunition,” Ryzhkov said.

    In addition, the Ukrainian inspectors will be briefed by the commanders of the Russian units on their structure and combat assignments.

   The inspection…

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