Worth reading. A very good example of the utterly mendacious shit we are being spoon fed in the name of “journalism”(the oxymoron is deliberate)with a real life example thrown in to fully illustrate the fact that any of us can be victims of this phenomena pervading our daily lives under the guise of reporting human interest, or politics, or corporate theft, nothing is sacred in the MSM it seems, as long as it sells the establishment lies or makes a profit.



Any Propagandist with a highly-visible (possibly-well-paid) gig probably can’t wait until all Facts are finally made illegal.  Facts will be outlawed, soon enough,  for threatening national security, sales figures and the overall happiness of the Consumer.

As a person accustomed to expressing Strong Opinions… and as a very cautious commenter who won’t press an argument without being in possession of enough factual information, or direct experience, to support the argument… I honestly can’t remember the last time I was involved in a heated debate in which my opponent cited facts in order to “counter” my argument(s). This is as true Online as it is for Meatspace. Ad Hominems, appeals to authority and appeals to various sensitivities have all replaced Facts as the gold standard for determining Truth, Justice and who does or doesn’t get mob-shamed for his/her age/class/gender/color/ physical appearance. Superior Hand-waving skills are now enough to get you a…

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