McCain and Graham told Ukraine to go on Offensive | macedoniaonline

Poroshenko is grinning like a Cheshire cat.
Of course the US is happy for Ukrainian nazis to die
Of course the US is happy for Russian ethnics to die
Of course the US is happy for Ukraine to be buried in a mountain of debt to the IMF – all that asset stripping the rest of Europe will get their hands on
Of course the US is happy to see Russia’s borders threatened while it creates another war elsewhere in the world. War is good business.
Lindsey Graham and John McCain could care less about the civilian death toll and are having a fine time making a fool out of Poroshenko while they manipulate him and play to his ego0.
How long would he have US “friends” if he were to decide with Putin to end the war?
About as long as it takes to get him removed from office and “disappeared”, he can share a safe house with Yanukovich.
The Cheshire cat has more brains than this prat Poroshenko.

The Fourth Revolutionary War


We reported that east Ukraine saw heavy fighting in late January as government troops went on an offensive using special infiltration tactics.

However, weeks ago we also reported that US Senators, and famous warmongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham spent their end of year holidays touring countries on Russia’s doorstep which neocons have long billed as potential flashpoints, Georgia, the Baltic countries, and Ukraine.

In Ukraine McCain and Graham actually visited Ukraine’s front line troops and spent the night with them alongside Ukraine’s president Poroshenko in their barracks.

This is how they spoke during the occasion, Senator Lindsey Graham:

“I admire the fact that you will fight for your homeland.”

“Your fight is our fight, 2017 will be the year of offense.

“All of us will go back to Washington and we will push the case against Russia. Enough of a Russian aggression. It is time for them…

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