Israel’s settlers clear path to annexation with new land law By Jonathan Cook


Rand Paul warns neocons will ‘scurry in’ with Abrams, and Kristol says that’s anti-Semitic

By Philip Weiss

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul blocked John Bolton’s naming to be Number 2 at State. Now he’s going after Elliott Abrams, and the neocons. They believe in “perpetual war” and they will “scurry in by the hundreds” if Abrams gets the job, he says. Bill Kristol says that’s anti-Semitic.

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SJP demands that NYU president speak out against email threatening Muslims, Arabs and anti-Zionists


In response to an email threatening Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Immigrants, Black Lives Matter and LGBT groups, Students for Justice in Palestine demands that NYU President Andrew Hamilton voice his unequivocal opposition to such threats and investigate the email.

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Israel’s settlers clear path to annexation with new land law

By Jonathan Cook

In practice there has never been a serious limit on theft of Palestinian land. But now, after passing the “Regularization Bill,” Israeli government support for the plunder will be explicit in law. It will be impossible to blame the outposts on “rogue” settlers, or claim that Israel is trying to safeguard Palestinian property rights.

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Academic boycott against US gains traction – what about BDS?

By Jonathan Ofir

The various boycott initiatives against the U.S. are being covered favorably and curiously by mainstream media – will they do the same for BDS?

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British uproar at Trump policies doesn’t extend to Netanyahu, yet

By Lydia Noon

Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to meet United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May was not met with the uproar that Donald Trump’s planned state visit has already caused with UK-wide protests and a petition signed by over 1.8 million people, “but the popular resistance against Trump is increasing awareness of Palestine,” says chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Hugh Lanning.

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Rights group: Israeli online incitement towards Arabs doubled in 2016

By Allison Deger

An Arab rights group has found tens of thousands of Israelis are publishing “widespread hatred and incitement against Arabs and Palestinians” on social media, and are often motivated to harass following charged statements by Israeli politicians. A report published by 7amleh, the Arab Center for Social Media Advancement shows slanderous, provocative, and threatening posts made by Israelis against Arabs and Palestinians more than doubled in 2016, reaching 675,000 posts made by 60,000 Hebrew-speaking Facebook users. That number amounts to one inflammatory post every 46 seconds.

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