What do we know about Bashar Al-Assad?

“…..But let there be no dispute about this moral principle: those who use their power to cause death and suffering to many thousands of innocent people should be called to account for the egregious harms they have done…….”
My comment:
The only word missing from this moral principle is the word “ALL” at the beginning.

Tim Hayward

His reputation precedes him. Many of us know Bashar Al-Assad by repute as the ruthless dictator of Syria mercilessly bombing his own people in order to hold onto power. We have also heard that he was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of his own people, many of whom were also tortured.[1]

We know of this reputation thanks to our news media, and organisations like Amnesty International.

Something else we know, however – and not just as hearsay – is that Assad was shown to have the support of that overwhelming majority of Syrian people who re-elected him as their president in 2014.[2]

Why would people vote for someone who was committing mass murder and human rights violations against them? They surely knew he was doing this?  (We did, and, like Amnesty International, we were not even there! We knew thanks to…

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