Inequality at Davos

Even after two years, this article is still well worth a relaunch.

Taking Sides

Everything that follows originates from the website Critical Thinking, from among its “Daily Pickings.”

Inequality at Davos

Published on Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:39

The World Economic Forum at Davos this week is discussing inequality. NBC News declared: “With the global economy slowly getting back on its feet, 2,500 delegates gathered in Davos, Switzerland face a vexing question this week: How to spread the wealth.”

This is in the same week that Oxfam released a report which revealed the richest 85 people in the world own wealth equivalent to that owned by the poorest 3.5 billion, approximately half the global population. Expressed another way: 0.00000000017% of the world’s population own the same as the poorest 50%. It throws the Occupy slogan of “We are the 99%” into sharp relief.

Accelerating inequality is a function of the economic system and is driven by three fundamental flaws which…

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