How many people would die in a war between the US and Russia? — Andre Damon | World Socialist Web Site

Interesting, but the idea that the US could “kick ass” (Lindsey Graham)is comedic in the extreme, far more likely is the fact that when they are not scoring own goals in killing their allies, they would most likely shoot themselves in the foot. The US does not have the military might or the “know-how” for a ground assault nor the military armaments to take on either Russia or China(or even Iran, for that matter) and the citizens who would most likely die, are the muppets and sheep allied to NATO. The most likely scenario involves a great many piles of ash on the EU side of the world with the US calling for “Peace Talks” as soon as they are under threat of harm. The US couldn’t organize the proverbial “booze up in a brewery” but could quite conceivably lead the EU sheep up the garden path towards Armageddon.

Taking Sides

How many people would die in a war between the US and Russia?

by Andre Damon

21 February 2017

Source: World Socialist Web Site

The American ruling class is locked in a ferocious internal conflict centered on issues of foreign policy and war. The Democratic Party, along with a section of Republicans and most of the media, is conducting a hysterical campaign against Donald Trump for his supposed conciliatory attitude toward Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. These forces are fronting for the intelligence establishment, which is determined to prevent any retreat from the policy of aggressive confrontation with Moscow carried out by the Obama administration.

Trump, for his part, speaks for elements in the ruling elite and the state who view Iran and China to be the more immediate targets for US provocation and preparations for war, and would like to tamp down the conflict with Russia for now…

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