Women’s Protection in Syria: Stop Support For Terrorists!

Many thanks Tim Hayward for this article which was brought to my attention by Norman Pilon on his blog of Taking Sides. The more of us who take advantage of the truly informed rather than the manifestly agenda driven sponsors of resource theft under the pseudo guise of any genuine concern for their purported victims, the better we are able to expose their hypocrisy.

Tim Hayward

A ‘new report by the London School of Economics’ (LSE), so announced the British press – The Times, The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror – describes sexual crimes against women in Syrian prisons. It alleges these to be a matter of state policy. Published just ahead of Geneva talks about a political settlement in Syria, the press interpreted it as supportingrenewed calls for regime change.

The paper provides no new grounds for that conclusion, however. In fact, its sweeping allegations obscure good reasons why, under present circumstances,a responsible approach to the problem of sexual violence in Syria would involve supporting the government against the terrorist insurgents.

syrian-christian-women-fighters-4 Syrian Christians

United Nations research had previously found (in 2015 and again in 2016) that while some conflict-related sexual violence was perpetrated by state personnel, ‘non-State actors account for the vast majority of incidents’.[1] The UN…

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