Maundering Reminiscences: Growing Up Under Domestic Violence — written by Norm

This contribution needs no words from me, but admirable and brave spring to mind.

Taking Sides

This post will be out of place.  It will not be in content consonant with the tone of the articles or essays that either tend to grab my attention and therefore end up being reblogged, here, or that I myself admittedly very rarely write.  It will be personal and forthright and extempore.  I don’t know where I will begin, though I already have, or where I will end up  . . .

So here, sit down, make yourself comfortable.  Let me pour you a cup of coffee or offer you the smoke of your choice, and listen (or not) to what I may have to say, as the person that I truly am, as the child that I once was, to recollections that in their general outlines, if not in their detail, I know are not mine alone, but those of all too many who grew up and still grow…

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