Part Six. On the Materialist Dialectic On the Unevenness of Origins — Louis Althusser (1963)

If you can get your head around this it will surely inform and entertain. Another stout effort by Talking Sides. A good source of reference in bite size chunks on which to ponder and muse over.

Taking Sides

[Norm’s note: for those trying to make sense of Marx — who has been badly interpreted by a host of scholars who fancy themselves to be Marxist scholars, who in fact are cognoscenti of Marxist arcana, whether in mainstream academia or as part of an informal tradition beyond the constraints of any kind of professionalized research — Althusser is simply driving home the point that there is a “break” between Marx’s early attempts at trying to make sense of “capitalist society” and his later attempts as a more experienced and mature theoretician and historian.  According to Althusser, and I believe he is quite correct in this, the early Marx is still heavily under the influence of Hegelian idealism, and thus his thinking is heavily permeated by notions of self-subsistent and abstract essences “informing’ the “patterns” of “things” in the world, and so he writes about the “essence of man” and…

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