American military plans for “First Strike” on N Korea | Vocativ

Until the US and Israel, China and Russia and the EU countries currently armed with nuclear missiles get rid of them, they are in no position to make any demands of North Korea. It would be the ultimate in hypocrisy from the US, who has, as they have demonstrated previously, shown themselves to be the one nation most likely to use their nuclear arsenal. No other country has ever demonstrated their total disregard for human life and their willingness to instigate war and destruction as the US. If it were possible to take the US/Israel nuclear alliance out of the equation, it might be possible to reason with North Korea, as it is though, there are no channels available through which to reason with the madman in charge of North Korea any more than the madman in charge of the US is capable of any kind of reasoned dialogue.

The Fourth Revolutionary War


The North Korean Nuclear Nightmare May Already Be Here

Military planners are beginning to consider the unthinkable — a first-strike targeting North Korea’s nuclear facilities

Mar 13, 2017 at 5:08 PM ET

A series of light flashes and four columns of smoke rise into the sky. Atop each of them, a Hwasong-7 ballistic missile aimed towards Japan. Soldiers on the ground watch as the rockets ascend in tandem through the clouds.

This time it was just a test. But from the eyes of an observer at the launch site, a North Korean nuclear missile strike would not have looked much different. And while this was as much a political act of saber rattling as it was a trial of a new military system, it nonetheless underscores the rapidly growing threat posed by the rogue state.

North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons now for more than…

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