is Europhysics News announcing it will censor science papers on political grounds? – follow up to Jones et al

When wealth and the power it brings to bear can influence the viability of a scientists future it also leads to the inescapable logic that in too many cases, the scientist who toes the political and scientific “line” of concordance will ultimately be awarded a future while those who question or offer science in contradiction can be silenced. This is a worrying development in the war on information. Science should not be a political tool, but in many cases it is and EPN is seemingly intent on paving the way for even further silencing of the dissidents whilst endorsing the conformists in whatever political agenda is being promoted on any given scientific study. Scientists careers can be made or broken by such politically driven scrutiny, in effect it is manipulation of truth if allowed to be taken to extremes. We have already seen how certain interests are being served in the scientific community with the withholding of grants (and the accompanying prestige) to people who do not serve monied interests. This could well prove to be yet another example of the truth being hijacked for political and/or financial gain. We have already seen it in other fields of research which then transmutes the benefits of scientific research to the detriment of all those who might benefit from unconstrained but genuine efforts.


A few months back, Europhysics News, the science journal that published the new study “On the Physics of High Rise Building Collapse”, by Jones et al (republished here on OffG), published an interesting range of follow up letters to the editor. Less widely publicised has been an announcement in the same edition from its editors that reads like a declaration of political censorship.


The small collection of “letters to the editor” published in a recent edition of Europhysics News as a follow-up to the Jones et al paper “On the Physics of High Rise Building Collapse” is revelatory on several levels. Not only for the range of views expressed, but also, and perhaps most significantly, as a statement on the level of censorship and self-censorhip currently deemed acceptable in academia.

The letter that received most attention in the alt media is from a “member…

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