War Crimes and Fake News: Peering into Syria – with Mark Taliano By Mark Taliano

War Crimes and Fake News: Peering into Syria – with Mark Taliano



They lied about Iraq, they lied about Libya, but at least you can learn about what is going on in Syria with the help of people like Mark Taliano.

Mark, a retired Ontario teacher, visited Syria as part of the Third Tour of Peace. Through the contacts he made, he was able to write a booklet about the perspectives of Syrians under siege by the NATO/GCC assault on their country.

He discusses his book, Voices from Syria, and also the news about a team of Swedish doctors refuting the White Helmets’ pretensions of being first responders.

Excerpt from Foreword to Voices from Syria by Michel Chossudovsky:

We bring to the attention of our readers Mark Taliano’s Book entitled Voices from Syria. In contrast to most geopolitical analysts of the Middle East, Mark Taliano focusses on what unites humanity with the people of Syria in their struggle against foreign aggression. Taliano talks and listens to the people of Syria. He reveals the courage and resilience of a Nation and its people in their day to day lives, after more than five years of US-NATO sponsored terrorism and more than two years of US “peacemaking” airstrikes which have largely targeted Syria’s civilian infrastructure.

Taliano refutes the mainstream media. The causes and consequences of the US-led war on Syria, not to mention the extensive war crimes and atrocities committed by the terrorists on behalf the Western military alliance are routinely obfuscated by the media. He is committed to reversing the tide of media disinformation, by reaching out to Western public opinion on behalf of the Syrian people. Voices from Syria provides a carefully documented overview of life in Syria, the day to day struggle of the Syrian people to protect and sustain their national sovereignty.

**New Book: Voices from Syria**

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Year: 2017

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One thought on “War Crimes and Fake News: Peering into Syria – with Mark Taliano By Mark Taliano”

  1. Navay.

    Most of the time I hear criticism of Syria’s Govt. Is from anti-Assad extremists and fundamentalists(although the socialist left aren’t too enamoured with Assad, but they still want their country to thrive under secularism, not fundamentalism). The MSM have tried many times to interview the Syrian people(and it’s on video record) but each time the Syrians tell the western sponsored media to get lost because they know their words have been taken out of context or totally misrepresented. Assad has learned his lesson well, the majority of journalists these days do not want to hear from pro Assad as we have seen with the BBC reporting in which IS terrorists were seen fleeing from Russian bombing raids under the guise of villagers. That the BBC had to ask several dozen Syrians if they blamed Assad and did not speak with them further and in pursuing an anti-Assad voice, passed several “booted” and black trousered men wearing robes hurriedly thrown over their revealing garb, is testament to the bias that the Syrian “voices” have had to endure. The majority of Syrians are angry with the propagandist crap which is not representative of either them or their views, but is the perpetuation of anti Assad minorities who want what they want and to hell with democracy or the majority consensus, many of whom were the ones who took the opportunity to seek western idealism in other countries. Unfortunately, the voices who shout the loudest and are heard, are the rancid extremist ideology exporters, rather than the secularist vast majority.
    Perhaps you would prefer to read Vanessa Beeley or other non biased reporting from people who actually interacted with ordinary Syrians and garnered the truth, rather than the lies, if so, then visit OffG and other solid, unbiased reporting such as Syrian Perspective or the Syrian Free Press, the list of alternative news sites on social networking, who actually have journalists among the Syrian people is quite lengthy, I know because I visit them, so I’m sure you’ll have a great deal of choice.
    Is this is the response you hoped for?


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