Is the sarin also a lie?

It really doesn’t take that much imagination. For instance, imagine the slaughter of half a million Iraqi children based on a WMD crisis and the WMD’s were not there?
Are we all, really this stupid, that we cannot discern the lie from the fake and remember the lies of the past being repeated again and again?
So much for Saving Syria’s Children, eh?
Many thanks to Catte for this article.

Source: Is the sarin also a lie?

Imagine the Cuban Missile Crisis – only the Cuban Missiles may not even exist.

The most important aspect of the latest Syrian crisis is the one getting least attention in many quarters. Yes, Trump’s actions were deplorable. But let’s not forget they were also a response to an alleged chemical attack that may never have happened.

It’s not just that we don’t know who was responsible for this attack (which of course we don’t, even slightly). It’s not just that this might be another Ghouta, which would be tragic and farcical enough, it’s that the attack itself has been so sketchily reported and so poorly validated that its reality remains far from certain.

No investigation has yet been conducted. No independent witnesses have been cited. The main source for imagery and information is the White Helmets – who are known and admitted to have faked or distorted previous events. Some of that photo evidence is frankly questionable.

The hilarious fact is we are currently – as Russian PM Medvedev said – on the brink of a conflict with nuclear-armed Russia – and no one knows if the catalysing event even happened. It might well be just another lie. Another bit of badly done fake footage. Like this. And this. And this.

We are subsumed in the unreal now, and may be about to incinerate ourselves in its name.

Imagine the Cuban Missile Crisis – only the Cuban Missiles may not even exist.

That is how grotesque we are.


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