I’ve just told the Conservative director of campaigning to jog on

Such restraint from Kitty Sue! I’d have told the creature  a lot more home truths. My Conservative MP disgraced himself when he received victory at the GE in 2015 by accusing the Labour opposition of underhand activities. I let him know that the only disgraceful behaviour I observed was the Tory leaflet droppers removing the red Labour leaflet from my outside post box, chucking it on my front garden and putting their own leaflet in it’s stead. I also observed them doing it in two other places(although they had learned to stuff the Labour leaflets in their satchels or pockets). Needless to say, he had nothing to say on the matter and I received no reply. Surprise, surprise. He’s a loathsome lying piece of work anyway and no doubt was fully aware of this practice. Every time I get a response to emails I’ve sent to Conservative MP’s I get an assortment of lies. Not only is it an insult to my intelligence but it also demonstrates the degree of contempt such worthless creatures have for the masses.

From Kitty Sue,….. Her measured response(I’ll say):

To: Darren Mott – Chief Agent and Director of Campaigning

After this government’s policies have systematically robbed me of an adequate income, I am afraid I haven’t even enough money to meet my basic needs, let alone donate to a party that has nothing but disdain for those of us who become too ill to work. I have worked most of my life and contributed tax and National Insurance, only to see you dismantle the social gains of our publicly funded post war settlement and hand out my money to millionaires and rogue multinationals.

I will be campaigning as hard as I possibly can for a Labour government, which will acknowledge and reflect public needs in their policies. That’s rather more democratic than a government that imposes their own needs on the population to meet their ideological and draconian policy outcomes.

So jog on.

It’s time to put the Tories out of our misery

Source: I’ve just told the Conservative director of campaigning to jog on


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