Sun ‘exposes racism in Russia’ with video of nazi Ukrainian football fans

How many of The Sun readers could find the Ukraine on a map, let alone understand that the ruling oligarchs are neo nazi KKK thugs supporting the ethnic cleansing of Russian speaking Ukrainians and any people of colour? Probably not many, which is why The Sun didn’t remove the misleading and false caption. During the 1940’s many British military personnel died trying to rid Europe of Nazi’s but The Sun, content to trash the memory of that sacrifice, quite happily embraces neo Nazis of Western Ukraine. Nice one.

From the comments section:

  1. Fascism is always the fallback for western governments when the profit system begin to break down. In this case it is a direct result of the intervention and funding by Washington (5 billion dollars according to Hillary Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State for Eastern Europe Victoria Nuland ) in a fascist coup in Kiev and the current training, funding and arming of neo-Nazi brigades in Ukraine. Compare with the breakdown of capitalism in the 1930’s after the 1929 Wall Street crash ( caused when unlimited free cash handed to the Wall Street investment banks like Goldman Sachs by the Federal Reserve inflated a stock market bubble and ensuing crash ) engendered global unemployment, famine, explosive social tensions and political turmoil. The answer Washington came up with in the 30’s was to ask Wall Street to invest in fascist movements in Spain, Italy, Germany as a means by which grassroots democracy movements protesting the concentration of wealth in a small handful of power elites could be crushed by violence and the gutting of the Constitutions in those countries and replacement by military dictatorships which would support big business, economic inequality and the total ruination of social programs for the poor. Fascism= the creation of a police state to defend capitalism and its drive to war in the pursuit of profit.
    History repeats itself for the simple fact that the people running things are the same people, in the absence of any successful mass movement of the working class for true democracy and justice, who are always running things.

    It’s all the rage this spring to “expose” the dastardly deeds of those evil Russkies. The Guardian recently ran a piece in which Credit Suisse (because bankers care…and are known for their honesty) “exposed” inequality in Russia.

    I found this piece by Mark Ames exposing Credit Suisse (aided, of course, by the ever altruistic US government) which in the 1990s helped make Russia one of the most unequal societies in the world. The scale of the plundering and the hypocrisy really is breathtaking.

    1. The Sun doesn’t need lessons. It does this stuff on purpose. Though the shamelessness of this deception is worrisome.

      • At least the idiot racists in Kiev have the excuse of not knowing their history or of knowing any alternative since many of them would be quite young and were not yet born when the Soviet Union fell in 1991 and Ukraine became independent. Since then, Ukraine has been badly governed by corrupt politicians playing the nationalist card and (apart from Viktor Yanukovych) rehabilitating or even celebrating the memory of the ultra-nationalist / Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. In recent years since the Maidan coup, poverty has increased and state provision of education has become brainwashing with the country’s history being rewritten as a bizarre combination of anti-Russian propaganda and belief in Ukrainian racial superiority.

        The media on the other hand have no such excuses.

Source: Sun ‘exposes racism in Russia’ with video of nazi Ukrainian football fans


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