Dugin on Azerbaijan


‘Azerbaijani-Russian relations are currently in the state of the most productive rise. We see that Baku and President Ilham Aliyev himself very accurately realised that Russia is not an adversary and that confrontation with Russia within the framework of pro-Western blocs is destructive for Azerbaijan.’ This was stated in an interview to journalists by the Russian political scientist, sociologist and philosopher, leader of the International Eurasian Movement Alexander Dugin, who is visiting Baku.

A.Dugin stressed that I.Aliyev more and more acts as an active subject of international politics in the most complicated issues affecting Russian interests.

He noted that the West may not like the positive development of the Azerbaijani-Russian relations.

‘The West may not like them, they can even sabotage them and torpedo them. But it seems to me that Baku, while remaining a neutral state, without going over to one side or another, following its own interests, can ensure and strengthen its sovereignty exclusively in the union and an alliance with Russia. And that is what happening now,’ added the expert…..”



Source: Dugin on Azerbaijan


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