Police accuse Tories: working officers on food vouchers, cannot afford to buy basics or pay household bills

An extraordinary article in the well-read and respected Police Hour has accused the Tories under Cameron and May of causing such hardship that officers can no longer “afford to pay household bills or buy basics such as food”:The simple and most shocking fact here is that police officers within the UK are so desperate for help because their pay and conditions mean they cannot put food on the table for their families, they are struggling to keep a roof over their head.The article directly blames the Tories for replacing the so-called Edmund-Davies Pay Review – brought in under Labour in the 1970s to ensure police officers were “rewarded enough for the dangerous job they are doing” – with the so-called Winsor Review which the article says has brought Police Officers back to a state whereby they are “struggling”:We are back to how it was in the 1970s, which can be linked directly to The Winsor review, which brought in the police pay cap.This extraordinary intervention in the election by the police comes after it was revealed by a Police Federation Chair that not only nurses but also working police officers are now being issued food vouchers by welfare charities to feed their families: Read the full extraordinary article here.

Source: Police accuse Tories: working officers on food vouchers, cannot afford to buy basics or pay household bills


2 thoughts on “Police accuse Tories: working officers on food vouchers, cannot afford to buy basics or pay household bills”

  1. While it is a disgusting situation, it is also encouraging, since it illustrates the potential for working class rebellion in ‘every’ sector of employment, including those institutions that provide policing functions to ruling elites. From a tactical standpoint, it’s not very smart to neglect the rank and file who comprise the majority in your security apparatus.

    Here, in Canada, if I’m not mistaken — or at least, here, in Ottawa — police constables are handsomely remunerated, even before tallying in overtime pay and benefits. There won’t be any mutiny among their ranks any time soon . . .

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  2. Until the LibDem/Tory coalition in 2010 the police were on decent money – though given the violence they face, that’s an arguable point. However, since then the pay freezes which saw nurses get a 1% pay rise while the politicians gave them selves an 11% pay rise with nice benefits, has left many front line service providers lagging further behind. Public sector workers – with the possible exception of the DWP, who inflict so much desired damage on the poorest, unemployed, low waged working class and disabled(which is why the UN special report condemned the Tory Govt. for abuse of the disabled Human Rights), have also been kept in penury. The NNDI has drastically shrunk while the cost of living, especially fuel and housing, have been trending very much upwards for the last 7 years. Prior to 2010, Britain was the 4th largest economy in the world, since then, we have become the 6th largest economy in the world. If the Conservatives should win this snap election in June, they will likely pursue ever more austerity and class discrimination. At the moment we are a mecca for low waged employment because it suits the right wing(on both sides of the aisle) to continue in this vein while they themselves line their pockets with their own private money making scams and tax dodging initiatives. Don’t feel sorry for Britain if the Conservatives win, the people have a choice, but if they choose to think only about their own self interest and hang the consequences to others, then eventually, the Tories will run out of people to rob and those who voted for them will be next in line. With the possibility that Theresa May could call for a vote to bomb Syria some more, I am more concerned about the death such action will bring about to the Syrian people and all those “Syrian Children” we care so much about.
    God help us all and if he’s not listening, we really are up the creek, ‘cos there isn’t anybody else going to save us.

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