Cyberattack cripples institutions around the world


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Europol also warned a “complex international investigation” was required “to identify the culprits”.

Europol said its cyber-crime team, EC3, was working closely with similar teams in the affected countries to “mitigate the threat and assist victims”.

In the UK, the head of the cyber security agency said experts were “working around the clock” to restore the systems of some 45 NHS organisations in England and Scotland that were hit by the attack.

Massive ‘Ransomeware’ Cyber Attack Worldwide

Source: Cyberattack cripples institutions around the world


2 thoughts on “Cyberattack cripples institutions around the world”

  1. “NSA designed malware.”

    “Ooops. I guess we goofed.”

    Yeah, right.

    And, “Oh, my God! What if “terrorists” get there hands on this?” As if the “terrorists” weren’t those who designed the malware in the first place. Just how gullible do “they” believe “we” are? Oh, that’s right . . .


  2. Yup. We really are supposed to be that gullible that we don’t even question why NSA developed the blasted thing in the first place – because they were never going to actually use it? Like the nuclear bombs, the CW and BW that we research, secretly manufacture(just in case the other guy should choose to do such a maniacal, not to mention suicidal thing).
    Oh yes, we live in a zombie world where the first question everyone should be asking is the one question that doesn’t get asked.
    Loved your response to the DDT’s waffle and distortions(Tim’s blog)


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