Intel Today Cyber attack cripples institutions around the world →INTEL TODAY DIARY — May 13 2017Posted on May 13, 2017 by L Carter Page consulted with the FBI and the CIA —

NSA EternalBlue used as WannaCry ransomware —

Deputy FBI Director Andrew G. McCabe will report any foul play —

the energy industry consultant who was linked last year to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and was the subject of an FBI investigation, said Thursday night that he has consulted with the FBI and the CIA many times over the years.“I’ve helped both the FBI and CIA on other things in the past,” he said when asked about his past dealings with the FBI. “We’ve had tens of hours of discussions.”Page said only that the agencies occasionally asked him for background on “things that are happening around the world,” which he wouldn’t detail.Two months ago on the same show, Page confirmed to Hayes that he’d met with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. at last July’s Republican National Convention.He confirmed last month that he is also the unnamed man identified in a federal complaint against an undercover Russian agent as having met with the man four years ago.An NSA Cyber Weapon Might Be Behind A Massive Global Ransomware Outbreak — ForbesIt’s been a matter of weeks since a shady hacker crew called Shadow Brokers dumped a load of tools believed to belong to the National Security Agency (NSA). It now appears one leaked NSA tool, an exploit of Microsoft Windows called EternalBlue, is being used as one method for rapidly spreading a ransomware variant called WannaCry across the world.The ransomware has hit UK hospitals hard, with multiple sources reporting closures of entire wards, patients being turned away and some National Health Service (NHS) staff being sent home. Barts Health, a central London NHS trust, advised patients to look for assistance elsewhere and said ambulances were being diverted elsewhere, while another NHS organization said it had to turn away outpatients and limit its radiology services. In the Essex town of Colchester, the hospital decided to close much of its A

Source: INTEL TODAY DIARY — May 13 2017


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