Phone transcripts between Blair and Gaddafi (25 February 2011)

“The evidence that the Committee has taken so far in this inquiry suggests that western policy makers were rather less perceptive than Gaddafi about the risks of intervention for both the Libyan people and the western interests.”

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Source: Phone transcripts between Blair and Gaddafi (25 February 2011)


2 thoughts on “Phone transcripts between Blair and Gaddafi (25 February 2011)”

  1. Well, were the “western policy makers” less perceptive or simply playing at being “daft” while engaging Gaddafi? If I have time later, I’ll have a peek at these transcripts . . .


    1. Toxic Tony Blair was a scurrilous power hungry egotist. Think smooth talking, corrupt car salesman and attention seeking snake and you may understand what is really behind the words spoken to MG.
      Blair was the reason Labour lost the election in 2010, he was so detested by even members of his own Party. He was eventually ousted by the very people he had surrounded himself with because they knew how much he was despised for taking us into an illegal war.
      His “conversation” is a put up job. He intended to use the transcripts to show how well qualified he was for the post of Ambassador for peace, but it is all useless and reductive repetition. MG knew exactly what was going on and who he was speaking to, which was why he asked outright if Blair supported terrorism(which he did)and MG knew. It’s the reason why he did not bother to keep the communication lines open.
      Blair wanted only to get MG to give Libya up to the terrorists and admit there was violence, he wanted that last, as an admission from MG – he didn’t get what he wanted. If Blair could have gotten such an admission or anything that could be used as an excuse for British bombing of Libya, he could have used it to justify such a mission back home and put himself front and centre in the British press.
      Obama declared the British had “wimped” out on Libya and we didn’t do the damage Obama was hoping for because Blair couldn’t come up with the goods. MG knew the ‘phone calls were an entrapment scheme and responded accordingly and understood the British Government wanted his removal and were in cahoots with Washington, but needed an excuse – he didn’t give them it.
      As we are learning now, from the Libyan Manchester bombing, the LIFG were a terrorist group being “handled” by MI5, we were the ones training AQ terrorist “rebels” whilst depicting MG’s attempts to destroy the western backed terrorists trying to establish their dominance by killing all and any opposition, as the actions of a tyrant. The MSM did a very good job and still do.
      Blair’s words are nothing but empty and deceitful rhetoric, neither constructive or helpful for the many Libyans who would die and a fine example of Blair’s inability to empathise with the victims of terrorism and total lack of any integrity.
      I had to endure Blair’s utterances over many years and the words spoken in those communications are deliberately calculating and minimalist – all the better to catchy monkey.
      If he could manage to alienate 6 million Labour votes, you get the sense that he was not what he appeared to be.
      The self serving power hungry right wing elites who hijacked the Labour Party from it’s members and voters are referred to as Blairites, with good reason.
      Not that I have any bias or axe to grind.

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