VIDEO: CNN caught again “enhancing” reality

“….Scenes like this raise the question we have to keep coming back to – if even genuine expressions of revulsion have to be rehearsed and staged, how much of our consensus reality is actually real any more? Is #fakenews the only news now?

William Casey’s famous aphorism “we’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is a lie”, is, ironically, a possible lie, but one can’t argue with the spirit it embodies. The media and the interests it serves seem to be following the precept that “fiction is easier than truth, and cheaper.” Why bother checking facts when you are rewarded for making stuff up? Why bother finding and following a real demo when you can get a few people to stand in front of your camera with placards whenever you want?

It’s not a trivial issue. Currently we know lazy fakery and “fuck it, just say it happened” journalism is becoming the norm. What we don’t know is how far it goes…..”

Source: VIDEO: CNN caught again “enhancing” reality


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