The end of the GCC | Geopolitica

The Fourth Revolutionary War

As the possible Qatari separation from the rest of hopefully soon to be defunct GCC and in particular the Wahabbi oil-rich dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, do I need to remind anyone that 80% of Qatar’s 2.3 million population are foreign workers and non-citizens? These disproportional numbers hold true for many of the other filthy rich sheikdoms of Persian Gulf.

Qatar itself relies heavily on food imports from Saudi Arabia, which as of now are scheduled to be blocked, short of an 11th hour diplomatic miracle. Two million de facto slaves will be lining up for food. Let that sink in for a moment. Could internal strife be one of the intended consequences of the Saudi food block?

These are the kind of countries that Washington allies and partners with, while declaring Venezuela a “dictatorship and a threat to US security” – a government that has puts…

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