Su-27 Chases NATO F-16 Away From Russian Defense Minister’s Plane

US war poodle NATO being used in a petty and irresponsible way – so what else is new?

The Fourth Revolutionary War

On Wednesday, the NATO F-16 fighter jet attempted to a plane of Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shiogu, over the neutral waters in the Baltic Sea. The warplane was chased by a Russian Su-27 fighter jet.

The incident took place while Shoigu was en route to the Russian city of Kaliningrad.

US F-16 Intercepts Russian DM’s Plane Over Baltic Sea

Tensions are seemingly always rising between the US and Russia these days, but the latest incident appears to be far more serious, as Russia has released a video showing a US F-16 intercepting the plane of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu over the Baltic Sea, sparking a tense encounter with a Russian Su-27 fighter jet.

Shoigu’s plane was reportedly carrying the defense minister and a number of reporters to a conference in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, between Poland and Lithuania. The plane was reportedly escorted by a pair…

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