Who supports Pravy Sektor, another neo-Nazi group led by Dmitry Yarosh, a designated terrorist in Russia?

Jewish company Yarosh

colonelcassad    https://z5h64q92x9.net/proxy_u/ru-en.en/colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2964250.html

The Jewish company of the Ukrainian volunteer army of Dmitry Yarosh

In the Ukrainian Volunteer army under the command of Dmitry Yarosh is a unit, which serve as fighters are Muslims, and about a year is a Jewish company, is reported on his page in social network Facebook Ukrainian journalist Elena Belozerskaya. “Her commander, Maxim, with us from the first battles of 2014. This is a real combat unit, at this point most of his men – at the forefront in the sector “M,” she says.

“On 16 September 2016 on the basis of the Jewish company opened an impromptu “Bandera” synagogue… On video is the lighting of candles and Sabbath prayers, then Maxim tells the history of the Jewish people”

In the new synagogue yet a Rabbi. The soldiers invite if you are willing, take this “job”.

Maybe “the oath” was taken at Babi Yar or in Lviv

http://dambiev.livejournal.com/487818.html – zinc

PS. It is no wonder the collaboration of Jewish radicals with the Ukrainian fascists. Even in the Third Reich, despite state anti-Semitic policy, some of the Jews accepted the state ideology in box yourself fit into the existing system and served in the ranks of the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. Most often this phenomenon is illustrated by the famous quote by Hermann Goering about the Jews from their surroundings.

Apart from the fate of full-blooded Jews in Nazi Germany are the fate of people of mixed German-Jewish origin.
Full-blooded Jews, the Nazis were doomed to destruction. A different fate awaited the people of mixed German-Jewish origin, whom the Nazis in their diabolical “classification” related to “mishlinge”. Mishlinge were not subject to extermination, like the Jews, but their rights were severely limited. Among midline, left an appreciable trace in the history of the Luftwaffe, mention should be made of field Marshal Erhard Milch and General-Lieutenant Helmut Wilberg.

Marshal of aviation Erhard milch (father is Jewish) After the war he served 10 years as a war criminal.

Milch was of mixed German-Jewish origin (his father was a Jew), but with the help of Goering, he was declared “Aryan” – milch abandoned his father, to announce that he was conceived by some passer of a German Baron. Milch was friendly with Goering since the 1st world war when he commanded both a combat squadrons. After the war, milch has had a brilliant career in civil aviation, waclawiw in 1929. A Lufthansa. Having come to power, Goering did not forget his old friend and in 1933. Milch was appointed Director of the Ministry of aviation. In the future, milch commanded the 5th air force.After the seizure of Norway and France in June 1940. Milch was promoted to field Marshal of aviation. After the defeat of Nazi Germany milch was convicted by the allies as a Nazi war criminal.

Lieutenant General aviation helmet of wilberg (mother)

Lieutenant General Helmut of wilberg (mother is Jewish) is one of the main aviation strategists of the twentieth century. Having served in the Kaiser’s Germany, of wilberg, in the 20s became the Creator of the doctrine of the air blitzkrieg adopted by the German Luftwaffe. Ideas General Villberga had a significant influence on the development of the air force, including the Israeli Hail Avir. General of wilberg led the creation of the German Legion “Condor”, who fought during the war in Spain on the side of General Franco. General H. of wilberg died in a plane crash in November 1941.

http://www.jewniverse.ru/biher/AShulman/45.htm zinc

So actually, in the Ukrainian “redobandire” there is nothing new, just as in other cases, what is happening in Ukraine is a caricature of the evil Nazi hate surveys, which were attended by some Jews, in spite of what plans the Nazis had towards their people.



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