Do you really believe that in a society where the candidates are pre-selected for you, by and from among the ruling elite, where policy decisions are by and for the moneyed and propertied ruling class(es), you live in a democracy?

Taking Sides

Hat tip to Husq.

Even if 100% of all eligible voters in the U.S. of A. had voted for whomever, that is to say, for but one above all other candidates, including Trump himself, American foreign and domestic policy would be exactly on the whole what it has consistently been since the inception of the so-called exceptional nation: imperialism in the service of but one overriding value, the corporate profit margin. If you don’t understand this, you literally understand nothing about modern liberal “democratic ” rule. Elected representatives under “our” westernized electoral systems serve but the capitalist imperative — period. They have no choice. The seat of effective power in western democracies is distributed if also centralized, on the one hand, at the commanding heights of the largest for profit corporations, through interlocking directorates, and  in the ‘security’ and judicial offices in the so-called public sector, effectively not under the…

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