Syrian lawmaker: “If the U.S-led coalition continues to push with the issue of chemical weapons to justify its aggression against Syria, Damascus, Russia, Iran will deliver an unexpected response”

The disgusting three ring circus that is the US/UK/France Alliance are liars, warmongers, terrorist enablers and a disgrace to all humanitarian efforts to constrain terrorist atrocities, which they themselves are guilty of. No wonder they keep promoting an unsustainable lie regarding their own support of terrorism against a peoples who have already suffered enough at their hands. Their ability to blame others(Assad, Russia, Iran) for their crimes is matched only by the loss of life they have visited on innocent civilian populations all over the NATO military spheres of operations as directed by the US and the utter contempt for the millions of people all over the world who know they are corrupt genocidal and grubby liars.

the real Syrian Free Press

(Sputnik News) ~ Earlier this week, the White House claimed that the Syrian government was conducting “potential preparations” for a chemical weapons attack. The statement warned that if Damascus conducted a chemical attack Syrian President Bashar Assad and his military “will pay a heavy price.”

In addition, US President Donald Trump had a phone call with French leader Emmanuel Macron, in which the two leaders agreed to work together to find s response in case of a new chemical incident in Syria.

The French president said that Paris could launch unilateral air strikes against targets in Syria if a new chemical attack is carried out.

Moreover, British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon stated that London will support any retaliation by the United States for the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

In response, Damascus dismissed the allegations, calling them “misleading, false and baseless.”

“Syria condemns the U.S. threats and rejects them,” a source in the Syrian Foreign Ministry told local media.

Syrian Minister…

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