Tory strategist proposes scrapping smoking ban – after scrapping the sex offenders register.

As a life long smoker I approved the smoking ban – why should others suffer the consequences of my habit? Only an irresponsible idiot or contemptuous toad would risk the lives of others due to passive smoking to win back favour and votes. Whilst the WHO may have it’s detractors at least it serves to preserve the health of the many, rather than promote the wealth of the few. If sex offenders are not cured then they pose a risk to the public, only people who have a predisposition towards sexual deviance and/or predation and perhaps sympathy for such individuals could justify ending the register.
How low do you want to go?

Pride's Purge

In a desperate attempt to reverse their rapidly plummeting support, the Tories are coming up with more and more bizarre policies.

An article on the influential Tory grassroots website Conservative Home has now suggested scrapping the smoking ban which protects non-smokers and children from passive smoking.

The proposal was penned by right-wing think tank strategist and tobacco industry lackey Rob Lyons – who has also proposed scrapping the Sex Offenders Register (because it is unfair to paedophiles apparently) and abolishing the World Health Organisation because it once mentioned that eating too much processed meat can be bad for you.

I shudder to think what other madcap policies the floundering Tories are going to come up with next.

scrap the WHO rob lyonslyons sex offenders register

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