SYRIA: UK War Hawks Capitalise on Dishonest OPCW Report

Our Imperialist agenda driven politico right of centre – the Tories and the Blairites, do not need the proles to like or believe anything as long as they get to prolong the war in Syria. It would not matter if the JIC report had indicated the truth about the Syrian opposition having sarin delivered(and evidenced by direct sources on the ground) to them through Turkey, we would still be told a pack of lies. We haven’t learned anything from the disastrous and illegal war against Iraq and the half million Iraqi children who have died as a consequence.

The Wall Will Fall

khan sheikhounBy Tim Hayward

‘Every religious minority in Syria—there are 23 of them—is petrified at the thought of a victory for the Syrian rebels, whom the British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary have been doing their utmost to supply with weapons and money over the last two years.’ ~ George Galloway

Has President Assad used chemical weapons in Syria? In 2013, UK parliamentarians were not convinced. Asked to vote on military action, our representatives decided against.

Today, the same question arises again, but this time they may not get a chance to debate it.[1] We face the profoundly worrying possibility that this government could commit us to warfare without seeking or getting democratic approval.

So I want to highlight some points made by our representatives in 2013. [2] If they were true then, they could be as true or even truer now.

On 29th August 2013, UK parliament…

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