Selected Articles: The US Is the Real Warmonger By Global Research News

Selected Articles: The US Is the Real Warmonger

The imperial agenda of the United States has wreaked havoc across the globe – economically, politically and socially. Millions have died and are threatened through its diabolical machinations including the funding of terrorists as well as unlawful interventions and militarization.

Global Research has compiled some articles that showcase the destructive foreign policy of the US.

The evidence is compelling. NATO willfully blew up with meticulous accuracy containers of toxic chemicals with the intention of creating an ecological nightmare. (Prof. Michel Chossudovsky re Catastrophe in Yugoslavia)

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Syria, A “Civil War” Supported by Washington and Its Allies. US Wants to Partition and Reconfigure the Middle East

By Ollie Richardson, July 12, 2017

USA wants to partition and reconfigure the Middle East according to the desires of neocons. The means and ways of achieving this aim have chopped and changed throughout the war, but the general theme of “temporary business partners” hasn’t changed at all.

NATO Willfully Triggered an Environmental Catastrophe In Yugoslavia

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, July 12, 2017

At the outset of the War, NATO had reassured World opinion that “precise targeting” using sophisticated weaponry was intended to avoid “collateral damage” including environmental hazards.

US to Act Alone on North Korea. Strangle Pyongyang Economically

By Stephen Lendman, July 12, 2017

Decades of US hostility toward Pyongyang could be resolved by America saying let’s talk, followed by officials of both countries meeting face-to-face for good faith discussions – something neocons infesting Washington reject.

US Looks to Dramatically Escalate Involvement in Libya, Setting Up a Permanent Military Base

By Jason Ditz, July 12, 2017

US officials familiar with the situation say that the Trump Administration is likely to announce a dramatic “ramping up” of US involvement in Libya, appointing a new US ambassador, and setting up a permanent US military presence in the nation.

Dangerous Crossroads, Threatening Russia: US Sends Missile Warships, Navy SEALs to Massive War Games Off Ukraine Coast

By RT News, July 12, 2017

Several US missile warships, over 800 sailors and a Navy SEALs team have arrived in the Black Sea to take part in the 12-day Sea Breeze 2017 naval exercise off Ukraine, which will include maritime forces from 16 countries.

US-NATO Holocaust in Iraq: The Depopulation and Destruction of Mosul

By Mark Taliano, July 12, 2017

The warmongers successfully de-populated and destroyed Iraq’s second largest city. The terrorists (the supposed enemies) — all armed and supported by the West [2]—and the terror bombing [3], including the use of illegal, weaponized white phosphorus munitions, and carpet bombing – achieved their criminal objectives.

Former British Prime Minister Blair listens to a question during an appearance at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
It is ten years nearly to the day (27th June 2007) since Blair left Downing Street, left Iraq bathed in blood and tears and walked off to make £millions and a joke of all peace stands for, as a “Peace Envoy.”


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